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Tom and Ian from Qualkem showing the new functioning website

Websites Continual Development

I have worked on Qualkems website now since late September last year to where it is now. It has come under many changes along the way as all websites do and has seen various versions over-time.

I would love for all of my connections to have a look over what I have managed to do and see what you all think of it. There is a feedback button on the right of the page if you would like to leave some feedback for me.

Websites are never a leave it behind task, it’s something that will constantly change and constantly need evaluating. Having peoples input and feedback is so valuable because it allows for you to make a change or think about making a change to better suite your audience!

I will leave a link to the website in the comments or you could alternatively visit the Qualkem business page and click on the ‘visit website’ button.

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