Tube Labelling & Filling

Sustainable Labelling & Filling

Keen to do our bit for the environment by reducing problematic plastics, we offer a sustainable tube labelling and filling service capable of filling thickened liquids, pastes and creams.  We can fill your product into up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic tubes with sustainable cap closures developed from recycled or renewable sources. Each tube contains the equivalent of 3 recovered plastic shopping bags in every tube.  Capable of a filling range of 20-300ml, all our tubes are labelled with 85% recycled plastic labels, and packed into 85% recycled transit cartons. The tube post use is also 100% recyclable.  

Plastic waste is currently the biggest enemy of our global seas and marine life. Due to the public interest in this subject, pressure on producers is mounting to find new solutions without compromising on quality.  Have you considered tubes over bottles?  Would you be interested in reducing your carbon footprint and further improve your ESG profile?


Qualkem provides turnkey solutions for tube filling:

Tubes Labelling & Filling

Our automatic tube labelling & filling machinery will label and fill and hermetically seal 2500 tubes per hour, giving you the ability to either order small runs over the industry norm of minimum 10,000 screen printed tubes, or meet larger order requirements where we can fill up to 20,000 tubes over an 8 hours shift.  From personal care, cosmetics to pharmaceutical, whether you are a start-up Indie brand, wish to launch a new product or wanting to move over to an alternative sustainable solution, we can either label your tubes, fill them, or both.  We pride ourselves on not stipulating a minimum order quantity, yet can still fill out 100,000s tubes if you so require.  No job too big or small!  


Product Formulation & Blending

We are able to offer a product formulation & blending service for non-cosmetic products, working with formulators and blenders for cosmetic lines. Whether you want to send in your product for us to fill into labelled or screenprinted tubes, or we offer a one stop shop service with our partners, we are here to help.  

The benefits of working with Qualkem:


We want to support businesses of all sizes. That’s why we have no minimum order quantity to help bring your concept to market whether it be a small one-off promotional order or a large scale ongoing fulfilment.

Seamless Supply Chain

We know how important it is to have a constant supply of product to meet demand. Our team work to your forecasts and are flexible to meet demand.

Made in the UK

All our work is done from our specialist factory in Crewe, supporting local jobs and the economy. We are committed to the environment and this reflects in our sustainability values.


One Stop Shop

From blending to filling right through to tailored packaging and label design. We work with you to help you bring your idea to market.

Tube Filled Products

Perfect for Cosmetics

Cosmetic Tube Filling and Design

Sustainable tube packaging with no compromise on product quality

Since 1971, Qualkem has been a market leader in British chemical manufacturing. We work with market leaders delivering all their product needs, from innovation, blending, filling and packaging, design. We are proud that our clients see us as an extension of their team.

Cosmetics Specialist Filling

The cosmetics sector is fast-paced, exciting and constantly innovating. You know your customers and the products that are going to provide the optimum solutions they are looking for. However, when it comes to packaging, finding the best options can be a challenge.

Customers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging solutions without any compromise on product quality or ease of use.

With Qualkem on your team, we take the headache out of your cosmetic product packaging.

Fully recycled and recyclable tubes offer an ideal solution for many cosmetic products. Not only is the product hermetically sealed, maintaining optimum quality for longer, the packaging is lightweight and offers a lower carbon footprint than many other types of bottles or containers.

Any queries, please get in touch.

Cosmetic Tube Filling and Design