At the 2nd Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin, May 2017, the panelists agreed the chemical industry's journey to sustainability is in it's early stages and we can expect to see plenty of further improvement and innovation in the coming years. As the world's population nears eight billion and the strain on the planets resources grows, this will become increasingly vital.

For us, chemical innovation is a cross-disciplinary effort, where our product design and development

Aims to

  • Reduce reliance on hazardous chemicals to minimise the downstream environmental impact and handling risks to customers
  • Produce multi-purpose quality consumer products; why buy 3 bottles when one will do?
  • Concentrate up formulations to encourage multi-dose solutions, to reduce demand on our busy road network
  • Promote a shift and offer more sustainable bottling options to reduce the demand for plastics in line with the WRAPS's UK Plastic Pact

Sir David Attenborough on Sustainability

In recent years, the scale of plastic pollution has gained an internationally profile through the Blue Planet II finale and Sir David Attenborough's continued work to spur on a global response to generate clear behavioural and policy change towards a sustainable way of living

The series revealed how plastic items - estimated to total more than 150 million tonnes - are drifting in the world's oceans and causing the deaths of one million birds and 100,000 sea mammals each year.

Sir David Attenborough on sustainability

We are able to contribute to reducing the reliance on plastics and have launched a number of product ranges across the Garden, Leisure and Marine sectors in our 7shot bottle concept (7 bottles-in-1) that reduces plastic usage by a massive 85.7%!

Each 630ml bottle with its own built-in concentrate chamber allows you to produce 7 full bottles of cleaning solution, that's over 4L from one bottle.

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