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STAYCATIONS – The New Normal

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With the eventual start of the camping season now that lock-down is easing, campsites will look to open on the 4th July in England and hopefully for the rest of the UK soon. Now is the right time to start to look at what you need to stay safe. Regulations are changing with increased distancing and sanitation, so here’s a few helpful tips and product recommendations to stay safe.

40shot cassette toilet dispensing bottle product

Cassette Toilet Fluid

The first port of call is toilet fluid, in the 40shot range you are looking at Original Cassette Toilet, which is a Formaldehyde Free toilet fluid which can be used in the waste and the flush tank giving 40 doses per bottle. If you wish to use flush fluid or you have a direct feed, you will get 50 doses from a 1L bottle. These figures are at least 20 doses more than the next biggest competitor and up to 34 doses more than the market leader.

Our Original Cassette Toilet is a similar formula to most of the Organic, green or eco products on the market as this generally just means Formaldehyde free. For the environmentally conscious of us out there we have our 40shot Eco Green Cassette toilet fluid, which has no biocides, no enzymes and no probiotics. It is also free of dye and has a very floral fragrance which lasts and lingers in your bathroom, stopping any nasty smells.

For those with a small van or just want convenience, take a look at the 40shot Loo Tubes. A small packet of 6 liquid sachets of blue and 2 liquid sachets of Pink giving you 2-week holiday’s worth. No mess or extra weight of conventional fluids, they’re handy and convenient giving you the best of everything without that soggy mess of damp tablets.

40shot pink flush dispensing bottle

Pink Flush

To compliment the Cassette Toilet, we have a dedicated product for flush tanks. Not only does it have the same fragrance as our toilet fluid (something most other manufacturers don’t offer) it has an added non-stick agent to ensure waste goes down into the tank. For those without a built-in flush tank, take a look at the Proshot Pink Flush Spray. The handy trigger spray for toilet hygiene.

If your toilet hasn’t been used this season, then perhaps look to give it a spring clean using Proshot Cassette Waste Tank Cleaner, this will remove scale and unpleasant biofilm from the tank, leaving a nice apple fresh fragrance.

Whether you are on site or going to the shop’s, sanitation is the new thought in everyone’s daily life. You see lots of cheap alcohol based hand sanitisers around but do they work? Alcohol Gels do work if the alcohol content is over 63%, most state they are 70 to 90% which is not good for your skin. There has been cases that have caused issues if the alcohol product is left in the sun; potentially the vapor can catch fire. On surface sprays again most do work, but read the label as you may need to spray and leave for at least 5 minutes for them to kill germs and viruses.

Electrosan is a revolutionary Anti-Viral Spray. It harnesses the power of the body’s immune system to create a 12 second germ busting spray for skin, hard and soft surfaces including Fruit and Veg. It can be used to deodorise footwear, pet beds and incontinence accidents as well as being a non-sting Antiseptic.

It is totally harmless to humans, animals and the environment, yet still kills 99.9999% of all known germs including Enveloped Viruses such as Influenza and Coronavirus and Bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus and many more…

Electrosan is the pocket-sized superhero, developed by scientists and used by the NHS and Frontline Key Workers.

If your van or wastewater carrier hasn’t been used this year or you want to stop nasty drain smells, then look to use 40shot Dish n treat. Specially developed to be a great washing up liquid, but also using you waste water to clean you tank. It breaks down the biofilm and grease which harbors germs, making your tank smell. You can use the normal 40shot 1L dish n Treat or the handy Proshot Everyday Dish n Treat. Proactive regular use will ensure a clean lemon fresh waste tank.

All our products are available online or through your local dealer or camping retailer, if they don’t have any in-stock, please ask them to get it in for you from Pennine leisure Supplies, one of the UK’s leading Camping and Caravanning Wholesalers.

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