Look Safe, Feel Safe and Smile

Put a smile on your face and help Barnardo's with our Safetkit

There’s currently no vaccine for Coronavirus so wearing a face covering and having sanitiser to hand is essential right now.

Not only are face coverings compulsory on public transport and in shops, they help you to protect yourself and anyone you come into contact with amid the pandemic.

Qualkem Brands has come up with a safety solution that will appeal to everyone, put a smile on your face and support disadvantaged children across the UK.

Our Safetkit contains two SmileEs, our triple protection washable face coverings, and a bottle of our all-purpose, Electrosan ‘On the Go’ Skin & Surface Antiviral Spray.


A donation of £1 to Barnardo's
with every kit purchased

Registered Charity Numbers
216250 | SC037605

Your Safetkit

A Safetkit will put a smile on your face and allow you to get out and about with confidence.

The inverted rainbow design is a talking point and a smiley reminder of the rainbows that sprung up across the UK as we clapped for the NHS and frontline workers during lockdown.

Your Safetkit includes a twin pack washable SmileE, supplied with 2 extra protection PM2.5 filters for triple protection, and a bottle of Electrosan ‘On the Go’ Skin & Surface Antiviral Spray. Electrosan is our revolutionary 4 in 1, non-alcohol, all-purpose sanitiser that kills viruses and other germs in seconds, yet baby & pet friendly. 100 times stronger than bleach, it’s your perfect companion to stay safe to and from your workplace or when out for the day.

Remember that Electrosan is not just a hand sanitiser, it's a highly effective surface disinfectant, skin antiseptic and deodoriser.

As lockdown hit the UK, the team at Qualkem Brands knew the demand for sanitiser and face coverings would grow, but were keen to develop a kit that would help a safer return to normality during the pandemic, and until a proven Coronavirus vaccine is available.

At the same time, we were clapping for carers and worrying about the need to ensure the public would not buy up stocks of medical grade masks, meant for our NHS heroes.

And so, our SmileE face covering was born.

This has been paired with our popular ‘On the Go’ Electrosan that has served frontline workers so well during the pandemic.

We are now bringing a healthcare product to the mass public but in recognition of being in a fortunate position of maintaining trading during Covid-19, we are keen to give back to vulnerable children in aid of Barnardo’s.