Environmental Policy


Qualkem recognises that our business operations and activities may have an impact on the environment for both current and future generations. Therefore, Qualkem is committed to minimising and managing our environmental impact by operating in an environmentally responsible manner and complying with any relevant legislation or regulations. We are also committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and reducing pollution, emissions and waste.


This environmental policy applies to all aspects of our operations and applies to all management and employees. ISO Manager is responsible for ensuring that this policy is properly implemented and for creating a separate action plan to achieve the following objectives. All employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the purpose and objectives of this policy are met. This policy has the full support from all senior management.


 Qualkem will:

  • Monitor and ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation or regulations
  • Assess the environmental impact of all past, current and likely future operations
  • Raise awareness, encourage participation, communicate to and train employees on environmental responsibilities
  • Encourage suppliers, contractors and customers to use our products and services in an environmentally friendly way
  • Integrate environmental performance considerations into our business operations
  • Reduce pollution, emissions and waste where possible
  • Manage the use of raw materials, energy and supplies and reuse and recycle materials where possible


This policy will be reviewed every 12 months by Senior Management to ensure best practices and compliance with any new legal or regulatory developments. If business activities or operations change significantly, this policy will also be reviewed and amended.


This policy is available upon request.

Qualkem Ltd will provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and ensure that it is communicated and understood. We recognise that environmental safety is a long-term commitment and requires that all of our employees demonstrate commitment to our environmental objectives, policies and procedures.


This policy will be reviewed annually to determine whether all aspects still meet the needs of this organisation. If there are significant events that take place during the year that indicate the policy is less than effective, an immediate evaluation will be conducted and appropriate steps taken to increase the reliability of this policy.