Caravan with awning cover

STAYCATIONS – The New Normal

Tom French Qualkem News

With the eventual start of the camping season now that lock-down is easing, campsites will look to open on the 4th July in England and hopefully for the rest of the UK soon. Now is the right time to start to look at what you need to stay safe. Regulations are changing with increased distancing and sanitation, so here’s a …

Websites Continual Development

Tom French Qualkem News

I have worked on Qualkems website now since late September last year to where it is now. It has come under many changes along the way as all websites do and has seen various versions over-time. I would love for all of my connections to have a look over what I have managed to do and see what you all think of …

Ivan from qualkem and sandbach uniteds secretary

Sandbach Onboard!

Tom French Qualkem News

Sandbach United FC have started to try and reopen there grounds again by asking for volunteers at the club to help out during the lockdown period. All people involved have had in their best interest to have the club in a fit state and safe environment for a reopening. We approached Sandbach United FC with our 4in1 Electrosan Spray and …