Case Studies

Vibraglaz UK

January 2009 - June 2019

Dating back to 2009, the company has been working closely with Vibraglaz UK on its ground-breaking project to develop a 100% recycled glass-based mass finishing media for surface cleaning deburring, super-finishing and polishing of metal components. This case study explains what our role has been and what Vibraglaz UK asked from us.

Vibraglaz asked us to develop a range of sustainable eco-friendly cleaners, degreaser, polishers and anti-foams that align with the environmental credentials of the cutting compound.

In parallel, we assisted Vibraglaz UK with creating a modern brand for both our chemicals and its media, using our in-house design team.  In April 2017, Vibraglaz UK launched its media alongside our dual branded (Vibraglaz UK & Qualkem) ferrous and non-ferrous cleaning additives. Vibraglaz UK became our first official Customkem Partner.

Ivan Anketell-Clifford’s influential involvement in the project saw him invited as an Industry Partner onto a Government funded Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Project led by Liverpool John Moores University into “Process Design for the next Generation Mass Finishing Technologies”. Ivan’s close working relationship with LJMU and the ESPRC project has allowed our chemical additives to be independently tested and approved.

“A forward-thinking company, but still maintaining traditional values. Friendly and helpful staff make the company a pleasure to deal with”

S. Vaughan, Director, Vibraglaz UK Ltd

Vibraglaz leaflet
Vibraglaz leaflet

Thane Direct UK

April - July 2019

Thane Direct UK approached Qualkem back in April 2019 to develop a fresh new look for their H20 Steam Mop Scents and Descaler. Focusing on designing a more sustainable product and one we could make for easier post on online sales. Also offering our customers the same great value for money.

This case study explains the balance that had to be struck between a smaller, lightweight product and maintaining an attractive shelf presence for our retailers.

Qualkem soon grasped the Thane brand identity and within a matter of months (July 2019), Thane Direct UK had launched a 5-product range that was:

  • Triple concentrated, more chemicals and less water!
  • Packaged in 75ml rather than 250ml bottle yet the same number of doses for their customer.
  • Boxed to be more closely aligned with other H20 Thane accessories. (microfibre cloths, etcetera)
  • Smaller allowing for more sustainable transportation and less storage space required for Thane Direct, their customers and the H20 Steam Mop end users.
  • Multi-language labelled so we can now take the product pan-European.

Since the H20 Steam Scents and Descaler launch we have worked closely with Qualkem to develop a twin aromatherapy oil kit to ship alongside our Zaahn Ultra-Chill Deluxe Personal Cooler.

Their attention to detail, right first-time approach and delivery in full services has given us the confidence to turn to Qualkem and work together on other dual branded product lines.

thane case study image

British Band Instrument Company Ltd (BBICO) - Case Study

June 2019 – December 2019

After a period of discussions about the best way for BBICO to promote the b# brand, in early 2019 Alun Hughes Director of BBICO said he was looking at developing a high-end range of musical instrument accessories under his own brand. A meeting was arranged at the beginning of June 2019 to discuss the concept. At that meeting it was agreed that we would dual brand the range under his Edgware by BBICO brand with the Qualkem Logo on the rear as the manufacturer. By December 2019 we had developed a 6-product range which was launched at the NAMM Show in California USA in January 2020, aimed at the US retail market and the military bands other than the UK.

The range consisted of:

  • A range of 3 Natural Valve Oils, all safe if swallowed and don’t carry any CLP symbols.
  • A unique Trombone Water made with Purified Water and an added Corrosion Inhibitor.
  • A revolutionary Hypochlorous based sanitiser spray.
  • Our tried and tested Instrument Soak in a 1L bottle.


Testimonial by Luke Bilson, General Manager, BBICO

"We found Repclif easy to work with and they supplied the product on time and within budget. We thank Repclif for their assistance with our project, we appreciate their efforts and creative initiatives. We look forward to working with them again very soon."