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Qualkem giving back to carehomes with Electrosan

Carehome Recogniton

On behalf of Qualkem/Repclif I appreciate the love and all the surprised faces on the staff at all the care homes we delivered some Electrosan to. I am absolutely over the moon that it’s helped out and received with so much appreciation. The work that care home staff do with such little recognition is outstanding, so again from all of us at Qualkem/Repclif thanks you so much, keep those smiles on everyone’s faces and most of all stay safe!

Keep up your amazing work and never stop doing the wonderful job you’re doing in these tough times. I am delighted that I was able to do this nice gesture for you and help out the community in the tough times we are facing. These really are tough times and although the lock-down may begin to lift it doesn’t mean it will necessarily make things easier.

We are a community and we should and will help each other out where we can. Keep your heads held high and your smiley faces on show.

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