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  • Unique Range of Eco-friendly products
  • Made by brass players, for brass players
  • Endorsed by world leading players and bands!
  • Easy next time clean
  • Giving you a Championship finish!
Dr Brett Baker
Dr Brett Baker

Black Dyke, Solo Trombone

I've used washing-up liquid for years not knowing the damage it could possibly do long-term. I'm delighted that I now have an all-in-one cleaning kit preventing grease and a build up of material that causes restricted pipework & harbours bacteria. The b# products keep my instrument in perfect working order with a concert quality finish between professional services.

Mark WIlkinson
Mark Wilkinson

Fodens Band, Solo Cornet

As Principal Cornet of Fodens Band & an International Cornet Soloist, keeping my cornet in pristine condition is important & until now I've always used washing up liquid, that, I didn't realise could possibly damage my instrument.
Now I use b# products, that I fully recommend cleaning your instrument with giving you a championship finish every time.

Fodens Band Logo
Fodens Band

Fodens Band

As one of the world's leading Brass Bands, Fodens aspire for perfection. Players are encouraged to regularly maintain there instruments to ensure pitch perfect performance & a pristine appearance. Fodens Band is proud to support b# who has created a dedicated range of instrument maintenance products.
In particular the b# Virtuoso Cleaning Kit not only help to stop sticky valves and slides, it also helps to keep the inside as clean as the outside! We were especially pleased that thought had gone into providing a quality brush kit alongside the soak & polish, making it a world class cleaning kit.

b# Products

Cleaning Soak

A uniquely formulated soak for brass instruments. This soak is designed to breakdown the biofilm build up in instrument pipework, notorious for harbouring germs & bacteria. b# is the World's first dedicated brass instrument cleaning soak. Regular cleaning helps stop bacteria build up preventing illnesses such as Common Cold, Influenza and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. Made in the UK by brass players for brass players.

b# brass instrument cleaning instrument soak

Instrument Soak

  • Dose: 50ml/100ml depending on instrument
  • pH neutral - safe on lacquer & plated instruments
  • Breaks down biofilm
  • Degreases valves & slides
  • Anti-static agent for water repellence & easy next time clean
  • Fresh Citrus Fragrance
  • 1L Dispensing Bottle
b# brass instrument cleaning kit

Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit

Instrument Soak
  • Dose: 50ml/100ml depending on instrument
  • pH neutral – safe on Lacquer & Plated Instruments
  • Breaks down Biofilm
  • De-greases valves & slides
  • Anti-Static agent for water repellence
Finishing Polish
  • pH neutral
  • Built in anti-static agent to aid dust and water repellence
  • Designed with new vertical cling technology for ease of use
Brush and Cloth kit
  • Unique dual headed snake brush
  • Valve casing brush
  • Mouthpiece brush
  • High Quality Selvyt polishing cloth
b# brass instrument cleaning instrument soak

Commercial Instrument Soak

  • Dedicated brass instrument cleaning product
  • Dose: 1L per 400L (water)
  • pH neutral - safe on lacquer & plated instruments
  • Breaks down biofilm
  • Degreases valves & slides
  • Anti-static agent for water repellence & easy next time clean
  • Fresh Citrus Fragrance
  • 5L Bottle

(Trade product only 4x5 Litre box)

b# sanitiser spray

Play it Safe Sanitiser Spray

What is Play it Safe?

b# Play it Safe is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL sanitiser that kills 99.9999% of Bacteria in seconds. The Sanitiser uses Hypochlorous which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, provides its anti-bacterial properties. It is skin safe and can be safely used around the eyes, ears & mouth.

What makes it different?
  • It can be used by children without adult supervision
  • Alcohol free, fragrance free, phosphate free, paraben free
  • Does not dry out or irritate skin
  • Gentle, powerful and extremely safe
  • Harmless if swallowed
Where to use it?

The b# Play it Safe Sanitiser can be used to sanitise:

  • Mouthpieces
  • Instrument lead-pipes
  • Cases (neutralise the odour in your case)
  • Hands
  • Any hard surfaces
b# natural oils and greases

100% Natural oils and Greases

This range is the natural alternative to synthetic petroleum based instrument valve oils and greases.

They are all smooth, viscous, long lasting lubricants made from natural oils. Non-toxic, non petroleum and non synthetic, using only natural food grade ingredients. The natural fruit aroma is derived from food grade flavourings  to give you a totally safe and pleasant valve oil, perfect for all levels of instrument and player. No more harmful unpleasant oils, only the taste of nature. Trombone water is made using UV filtered purified water with an added corrosion inhibitor.

Supplied with the directional spray applicator to reduce waste and save money; our Key/Rotary valve oil is supplied with a pointed applicator for easy accurate application; and the tuning slide grease comes in a handy case sized pot.

b# is proud to be helped & supported by some of the UK's leading brass instrument manufacturers.