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I've used washing-up liquid for years not knowing the damage it could possibly do long-term. I'm delighted that I now have an all-in-one cleaning kit preventing grease and a build up of material that causes restricted pipework & harbours bacteria. The b# products keep my instrument in perfect working order with a concert quality finish between professional services.

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As Principal Cornet of Fodens Band & an International Cornet Soloist, keeping my cornet in pristine condition is important & until now I've always used washing up liquid that I didn't realise could possibly damage my instrument. Now I use b# products that I fully recommend cleaning your instrument with, giving you a championship finish every time.

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As one of the world's leading Brass Bands, Foden's aspire for perfection. Players are encouraged to regularly maintain their instruments to ensure pitch perfect performance & a pristine appearance. Foden's Band is proud to support b# who have created a dedicated range of instrument maintenance products.

In particular the b# Virtuoso Cleaning Kit not only helps to stop sticky valves and slides, it also helps to keep the inside as clean as the outside! We were especially pleased that thought had gone into providing a quality brush kit alongside the soak & polish, making it a world class cleaning kit.


I suppose I’ve always been quite fastidious about keeping my instrument clean. There’s no question that an instrument that’s perfectly clean with everything well lubricated, performs better. And I’m interested in that!

Over the years I’ve had students play for me, and with many of them, immediately I’ve detected that their instrument hasn’t been well maintained, or perhaps hasn’t had an internal clean for some considerable time.  When someone says they put some water through it, or even that they’ve bathed it, they presume this will remove all the build-up of grime that can have such a detrimental impact on playing, in particular tuning.  It always amazes me that people spend so much money on their instruments, and then look after them so badly. It’s like having a car that you never get serviced, and of course you shouldn’t be too surprised when it lets you down.

I been using this Cleaning Kit myself for about five months now, and it’s been selling very well on my web store www.euphoniumstore.net.  I know my customers are as satisfied as I am.

The Instrument Soak solution really works, and it’s almost identical to having my instrument professionally cleaned by the manufacturers in Germany. The brushes are also well-designed and finish off the internal clean to perfection.

Then to get a fully professional finish, the Avocado oil is really outstanding, as good as anything I’ve ever used.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Everyone should have one of these kits at home.

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