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Amey Rail fights back with fog

Never has there been a more important time to ensure your work, education, leisure facility or home is safe and clean and protecting your staff.The only way to ensure a complete sanitation is with atmospheric fogging. Our Electrosan Februus Fogging System will give you peace of mind that up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses have been killed within minutes without impact to your daily routine.The biggest benefit of the Februus system is that it is powered by Electrosan, a clinically proven alcohol free hypochlorous solution which is harmless to humans, animals and the environment, yet lethal to all known pathogens.The Electrosan system is a state-of-the-art portable fogging system specifically designed to safely use Electrosan at high pressure to create a dry directional fog. Moisture free disinfection for all surfaces, hard or soft, in institutional, commercial and industrial premises. Can be used at 10m from the base unit, without the need for the user to wear any PPE and allows the occupants to be present or to return safely within minutes.Recently we were approached by Lee Blissett Office Site Manager for Amey Rail Transpire Alliance – Transpennine Route Upgrade Main Offices in Manchester. They had a major outbreak of COVID-19 in the offices and consequently had to shut the site down and have all the offices professionally sanitised. They had no idea exactly the totally cost of the outbreak, but it was expected to run into 10’s of thousands of pounds.They had looked at many different systems, but all had major PPE and COSHH implications as well as downtime as rooms had to be left for the biocide to disperse for anything up to 24hrs.

Ian Hill – National Sale Manager at Qualkem said “to have an enquiry from someone like Amey Rail was an incredible opportunity. This was our first machine into operation after 18 months of R&D and robust trialling. The guys at Amey Rail were keen to ensure the safety of their staff, but at the same time purchase a machine that was easy to use, had no harmful chemicals and most importantly no downtime for rooms or staff”.Amey Rail took delivery of the machine at the Gorton Road Compound on 27th July, they are planning of sanitising all office, training rooms, toilets, showers, canteens and public areas as well as all vans, minibuses and welfare units on site.

Alan Gray – Compound Lead at Amey Rail said “the main attraction of the Electrosan Februus Fogging System was the safety factor and the dryness of the fog, along with the fact of the Electrosan being COSHH free. That, and the machine being easy to operate allows us to have multi discipline staff be able to use the machine, with basic training, during busier times”

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