Qualkem Team

Ivan Anketell-Clifford
Managing Director

A former Chartered Minerals Surveyor specialising in quarry, landfill, rail and recycling developments, with a 100% planning approval success over 15 years. I left the industry to join the family chemical manufacturing business in 2005.

Embracing my interest in environmental management, I have encouraged the development of innovative and sustainably packaged, highly concentrated, products. This contributes to the reduction in vehicle movements and use of majority water-based cleaning products.

In recent years I have been responsible for guiding the business through a period of change and growth. Steering product development towards own label Qualkem product ranges and dual branded products with market leading wholesalers or distributors.

Continuing the embedded family culture, I am personally keen to promote local youth employment. Drawing on the establish wealth of experience in the company to develop and nurture a future highly trained workforce to grow alongside business expansion.

Rachael Anketell-Clifford

Initially I spent many years in various sales roles, firstly on telesales in insurance through to running a busy sales team of 15 people at Hepworth Minerals & Chemicals. This is where I met Ivan and 5 years later we were married, 2 years after that I left the work environment to have our first child.
During the time having a family, I decided to take a career change and did some part time education in beauty therapy, gaining a Diploma in Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy & Aesthetics, then a second Diploma in Nutritional Science. This continued through the early years of the children until they were at a stage when I could put all this new training into practice firstly from home, also being the regional advisor for Herbalife Nutrition more recently an ambassador for Tropic Skincare. This as the children got older to being run from a local hair and beauty salon.

Pursuing desire to help people with the benefits of massage, aromatherapy, skin care and nutrition. I now work part time in schools for vulnerable children or those with social or learning difficulties, offering special timeout therapy sessions to ease anxiety and mood swings.
In 2020 I became part of the management team at Qualkem when we took over the business from my father becoming the second generation to own the company. I work closely with Ian and the marketing team with many facets of social media and I am excited to be involved in the CSR initiatives especially the partnerships with Barnardo’s.

Ian Hill
Sales & Marketing Manager

I am a highly qualified sales and marketing manager, with over 30 years of experience dealing with the retail sector. I am a specialist in dealing with small independent companies or large multi-national chains. Over this time, I have been responsible for key accounts, brand development and company and product profiles.

Since joining the company in 2015 I have been instrumental in the development of some 75 new products and brands. Focusing on the relaunch and updated look of some of the company’s existing brands. People tell me I am a relationship builder with an eye for detail and a philosophy of if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right first time.

In my spare time I am a brass musician playing for over 40 years. I have played at all levels of the brass band movement, but now enjoying playing for my local village band with my family. Other hobbies include Motor Caravanning, which I have been doing almost since birth. I was a Board Director of the Motor Caravanners’ Club of Great Britain for 9 years and a local group Chair for 3 years.

Scott Cochrane
Operations Manager

My entire career has involved manufacturing in some form or another, from starting in my mid-teens as a picture framing apprentice for a local family run art gallery, gradually evolving through different positions within the business including production manager and operations manager. In 2015 I took an operations based role within the exhibition industry, again at a local business, this led me to roles as operations foreman, estimator and project manager, traveling and working on location all over the world. In late 2020 I joined the Repclif as Operations Manager and will assume responsibility for the production process from beginning to end. I am particularly keen to promote personal growth and will provide a platform for staff to grow throughout the business

The Company is blessed with passionate people who share its vision and values. Via our ‘Repclif Family’ WhatsApp group, all staff are actively:

  • updated on company news
  • encouraged to contribute on new product development
  • encouraged to bring forward ideas for improving their working environment and manufacturing procedures